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Thread: looking for fully active helpful neighborhood!

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    Exclamation looking for fully active helpful neighborhood!

    i have no life so i'm on this game a lot. i'd like to join a neighborhood where everybody is active on a daily basis or at least every other day. i'm always needing help with stuff or putting up requests and helping with others requests and my shop constantly has stuff in it and i'm always needing to buy stuff. i don't care about the derby at all. if you have a super active neighborhood or want join a super active neighborhood as well please reply to this thread and also feel free to add me. my tag is PYVGQVC2G

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    New Adult neighbourhoodhood- Farm frenzy!
    Neighbourhood for the adults who are looking for a relaxed place to play in their own style, chit chat and help eachother.

    Derbies: 300+ tasks preferred.

    Not much of rules to ruin the individual's gameplay 🙂


    Requirement: Adult, farm level 45+.

    Play for fun!
    If the above suits you feel free to send a request!

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    ��THE DAIRY��
    Do you love the derby and love to win?
    Are you level 100+ and over 18yrs old?
    Well come and see us in the dairy we are friendly and helpful.
    To join us you have to speak fluent English and be able to do 9 x 320/400.
    You will be made elder on joining us.
    We have a facebook group chat so ask when joining so we can add you.
    We have one rule that is to complete all 9 tasks,fail to complete all 9 tasks you will be demoted to member for one week.
    We are here to play fair,make friends and help one another.
    �� HOOD TAG #PU2LLRCG ��
    See you soon.
    🌼Mrs B🐝

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