Hay all,

Thanks for reading this!
We are looking for some new team players for our hood, Da Wheat Hood
Are you lvl 70 or above, willing to do all tasks at at least 305 points and able to communicate in English?
We are playing in the champions league and have a trophy closet full with trophies!
The only thing missing currently are some nice, chatty international players.
Make sure to join our Facebook group when you enter “wheat ladies” and gentlemen don’t you worry we have room for you as well.
The base of our hood started 6 years ago and we have a solid group of members but some come and go because “real life” is catching up.
Our tag is #29JUCOLL

Please find us and join us.
(we are the one with the pink fox)

In short:
*lvl 70+
* 9 tasks at 305 minimum
* have Facebook and join our closed group for communication
* “speak” English