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Thread: International Clan Looking for New Members! All TH Levels Welcome!

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    International Clan Looking for New Members! All TH Levels Welcome!

    Hey everyone,

    We're the Blue Fire (Clan Tag #29R0R99GR ), a new clan looking to add more members! Based in Australia and the US, we have players active almost all the time.

    First and foremost, we are looking for active members that are willing to donate, and contribute during wars. We plan to be active in wars at least twice per week. Opting out of Wars is completely OKAY, as long as players are still active! We are looking for English speaking members, who enjoy the game and are looking to grow with us!

    We want to have fun, grow the clan, and make it to the top!

    Like I said in the title, we are open to any town hall level and ability level. Elder and Co-Leader positions are available to everyone through dedication and activity.


    I hope to see new members soon!

    Clan Level: 3
    War Record: 10-2-0
    Member Count: 30
    Clan War League: Gold 3
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    Just won our first 10 v 10 war. Currently, we have 14 active members, and are looking to add more. All TH levels welcome!

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    Currently 2-0 in wars, with 16 members. Actively looking for new members at any experience or TH level. Just promoted two members to elder!

    We hope to see you soon!

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    4-0 in wars, and finally a level 2 clan! Looking to add a few more active members for the upcoming clan war league. Please use code: EILEEN BUTTS, when requesting to join.

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    Another war win, starting off our clan at 5-0!!! Anyone wanting to join can request using the code above!

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    Our clan is now at 23 members, and are 6-2 in regular wars. Our first Clan War League, to me, has been successful. Well over 100 stars, and 10 of 15 players have used all attacks. Should finish the war league in the middle of the pack, with 2 wins out of 7.

    We're actively looking for new members at ANY Town Hall Level, and are looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Use code: EILEEN BUTTS when requesting to join.

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    Just finished our first War League, finishing 5th. Looking for active members at any Town Hall level to join! Please use the code listed above when requesting to join.

    Happy Clashing everyone!!

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    Still looking for active members at any TH level!!

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    Another war, another win! Come join us, we welcome any TH level!!

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    8-2 in clan wars, 22 active members. Currently running wars all week with either 10 or 15 members. We hope to see you join!

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