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    Clan got hacked, need help to regain

    Hi all,
    we cultivated our clan [Removed By Moderator] dilligently to level-15 from more than past 2years, and now it is hacked by someone today and all of us including our clan-leader have been kicked out of the clan.
    Nothing was done from our side, hacker snatched away our clan with so ease. I really feel pity on security standards here.
    I couldn't see any action taken from COC evenafter our clan leader reached out to help& support and reported that his account got hacked by someone and he has not done anything. Later they returned him his account but not CLAN.
    we had arround 40 clanmates and all are suffering and in shock today because our all hardwork became in vain.
    The hacker kicked off all from our clan [Removed By Moderator]and also closed the clan now So that noone can join there.

    we really in need of genuine help here.
    Please help us.
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