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Thread: Level 54 looking for a new neighbourhood

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    Level 54 looking for a new neighbourhood

    Hi guys looking for a new neighbourhood Iím level 54 Iím very active on the game

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    New Adult neighbourhoodhood- Farm frenzy!
    Neighbourhood for the adults who are looking for a relaxed place to play in their own style, chit chat and help eachother.

    Derbies: 300+ tasks preferred.

    Not much of rules to ruin the individual's gameplay 🙂


    Requirement: Adult, farm level 45+.

    Play for fun!
    If the above suits you feel free to send a request!

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    Try Daydremers, #CLJ28L. We are a small group with a few experienced and regular players who are pretty helpful and enjoy derby. Few rules. Level 48+. Our logo is a red dog on blue background.

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