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Thread: Farming Observations

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    Farming Observations

    Is it possible to post something that hasn't been pointed out or asked before...probably not. Regardless, I'm bored on a Friday, here are some thoughts:
    1. Certain fish are only catchable in one spot. Why do said fish jump in other spots where you can't catch them? Seems very deceptive hay day. It's hard enough already.

    2. Boats never ask for candy, jewelry, honey, wax or metals. Seems like those would be fair game too. Boats are certainly not afraid to ask for 36 of my creams. How did those not make the cut?

    3. Why don't bees stay "busy." I can log on after 8 hours and they're still collecting nectar. They must get tired.

    4. When planting bushes, they index in the same direction - love that. Trees turn all over the place. Hate that. I'm probably OCD, but when I put those help signs out, there's some satisfaction having them all point the same way with the least amount of effort.

    5. I love when you're serving townies in the gift shop and they say "yummmm." I hope they're not eating that blue sweater and floral candle.

    6. I spend very few diamonds. I plan on having all of the sanctuary animals completed some time in early 2019.

    7. I wish there was an: "Okay, I want to rename my animals" mode. I accidentally click on donkeys every day and have to watch them run around and close out that name box.

    And finally, huge kudos to the SC team members that have successfully controlled robot farms. They haven't been an issue in a long time. Thanks!
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    1) Never noticed that.

    2) Good point

    3) I havenít paid attention to that.

    4) Youíre not the only one. For me itís not only them facing the same direction but it has to be forward, not to the side.

    5) Itís not just the gift shop. B&B and Beach Cafe too.

    6) Good luck

    7) Agree totally.
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    Glad I'm not the only one who has the 'help' sign a certain way.
    I'ts a little creepy when a sweet girl keeps asking me for axes
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    Ha, good one. She probably just needs to chop down some bushes.

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