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Thread: The perfect base for legends

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    The perfect base for legends

    Iíve been maxed for a while, I normally hang around in Titan 1, just recently I thought Iíll give a stab at legends just realising itís a different kind of monster. It doesnít matter how well you do if you donít have a good base the loses can strip away all your gains for the day, I have a few bases Iím quite confident with and my clan members can hardly 3* it, also gets a few 1* during regular war but once I take it to legends it get 3*d like nothing. Nothing more demoralising than watching your base get 3*d 3-4 times a day completely wiping out your gains. Gets to the point I donít know what base to take to legends, one thing for certain is to avoid those mainstream bases you find on YouTube theyíre useless.

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    You do 8 attacks a day, use the ones you have issues with as a start and adjust it as needed.
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    Visit the YouTube channels of Warman Clash of Clans or Raze Gaming (among others). They provide plenty of bases with links.
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