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Thread: How many of you would jump to Th12 at this point

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    Question How many of you would jump to Th12 at this point

    So I am Th11 maxheros max defenses exception for traps and walls. I have maybe 30 walls done. Troops and spells are done with the exception of troops I'm not using. Valks golem hogs minions, Eq, skeleton, and haste. I'm wondering if its better for me to jump so I can keep dumping the elixir and dark into heros and troops I'll use more. Option 2 is to finish troops then jump so I'm not letting DE go to waist. I have 350 gold tokens to use when I get to th12. What are your thoughts.

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    If your farming/war troops are maxed and especially Royals are done, its time to go..

    IMO ofc.

    you eluded to it; you can use walls as an outlet for excess loots. your lab is going to be a bottleneck for pretty much ever.. until its finished. seems like you can plow through a good chunk of walls while you get some early (and honestly mid to late) TH12 things done.

    On the plus side, you can use those Lab potions for shortening some of the longer builds in the lab.

    Good Luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8MoNsTeR5 View Post
    So I am Th11 maxheros
    at this point there is zero reason to stay at 11 in my opinon
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    yup , upgrade your th
    Lab takes longest time to max , so its better to upgrade your TH and upgrade your heroes at Th12
    [As you have maxed troops which you usually use]

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    Another point to consider might be the meaning for your clan. If you would be the only TH12, then your clan suddenly getscthe advantage of siege machines.

    That was for me the reason to jump to TH12 a while ago.

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    I would, although I do have a mini 11 sitting in titans with nothing left but about 100 bricks. Just can’t push the button, lol.

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    If your heroes are done, your defenses are done and your troops are done, TH11 is done, IMO. Specially since you're already almost full walls. Go to TH12, get Siege Machines, help your clans and have more fun in attacks.

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