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Thread: Clan War I: InTheDark, The Unity Alliance, The Centum Family, and The Farming Kings

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    Clan War I: InTheDark, The Unity Alliance, The Centum Family, and The Farming Kings

    Well, it was only a matter of time before I jumped into the clan game, and over the last month I've been putting together a clan competition that I feel appeases the competitive aspect of clans that people know and love, and also downplays the common complaints people have in regards to clan competitions as much as realistically possible.

    Everybody's seen the trophy push competitions, but this competition is not a trophy push. The main complaint I hear from trophy push competitions is that clans tend to swap out their own members, and recruit outside assistance from people who are not in their clan. That won't be happening here.

    The second primary complaint about clan competitions is gemming, and the effects of it. Obviously, gemming is part of the game, and there's no real way to prevent it, so acceptance is key. There's nothing I will ever try to do to stop gemming in anything that I do, and there's never a time where I will even attempt to keep track of gemming. It's a part of the game, and although people may not like it, there's nothing realistic anybody could do to remove it from a competition like this.

    What I can do, however, is minimize it's impact, and I'll get into that later. Obviously, nobody wants to see somebody simply buy a victory, and it won't be possible for somebody to buy their clan a victory in this type of competition.

    What is this competition?

    Four clan families will submit fifty members of theirs to compete. These members have to be representatives of a clan that is within the clan family, and they must be present at the start, and end, of the competition.

    What they do during the competition isn't my concern.

    Each clan will have a different starting date, and ending date. No two clans can either start or end on the same day as another clan starts or ends. No clan can be active in the competition during a server reset.

    The competition will be exactly one week long for each clan. Should a Maintenance Break occur during that week, if it is not a regularly occurring one, hours will be added to that week to compensate for it.

    I will be logging the amount of gold stolen, the amount of dark elixer stolen, the amount of total donations, the amount of in-clan donations, and the amount of attacks won for each of the two hundred people involved.

    Doing so will eventually produce five different lists of two hundred, all of equal value to your overall score. Whatever placement you have in each list will be the number of points you are given for that particular category, and all categories will be added together to determine your actual score.

    The lower score is the better score to have in every category, as is a lower overall score towards your clan.


    Bob finishes 37/200 in gold, 46/200 in dark, 33/200 in attacks won, 87/200 in total donations, and 187/200 in clan donations [because he decided to hop around to donate a lot, and didn't make it back in time to get a good clan donation score]. That would equate to a 390/1000 score for Bob [37+46+33+87+187], and his score would be added to the rest of his clan-mates to determine his clan score.
    I'm using placement scores, instead of simply adding up values into total numbers, to minimize the impact of gemming a little bit. If I were to simply add everybody's value into a total, then it would be very possible for one person to produce an insanely high number, which would allow the rest of the clan to prioritize other things, since that one person would be farming so much gold, or donating enough troops, that everybody else wouldn't have to worry about it so much, because they know they'd still have a great clan score, despite the fact that half the score is coming from one person.

    In this system, if you happen to donate twenty thousand more troops then anybody else, those extra twenty thousand troops would only be worth one point.

    So, as you can see, this system is designed to place importance on every single member of a clan equally, and it's also designed to cater to those who can do it all reasonably well, as opposed to those people who can only do one or two things really well.

    There is plenty of room in this competition for strategy. Every member of each clan has to decide if they're gonna take some time hopping around to generate a great total donation score, or if they're just going to stay in the clan and get a great clan donation score. Some people will try to do both. What that healthy medium is, is up to each person in each clan.

    Obviously, if you specialize in one particular category, and completely abandon another, you will be working against yourself. You can finish first in gold, and last in dark, and you'd be considered no better then somebody who finished in the middle in both, score-wise.

    It's about finding a balance, and excelling within that balance for each member, and for each clan, it's about getting everybody within that clan to contribute, because for every strong link you may have, a weak link can counter-act everything they are doing.

    The individuals who finish first in each category will be honored, as will the individuals who have the best overall score for each clan. The clan with the best overall score after tabulating all fifty individuals will receive the highest honor, winning the competition.

    Clans can pick people based on town hall level, if they feel certain town hall levels have advantages in certain things, or they can grab their ten best donators, throw them in with their ten best gold farmers, and their ten best dark farmers, etc.

    Or it could be as simple as the main clan has the fifty best guys, and those are the fifty that are coming. How they pick the fifty is up to each clan, and I'm not involved in any of that.

    The Farming Kings will kick this competition off from January 8th, to January 15th.

    The Centum Family will follow them shortly after on January 10th, to January 17th.

    After the server reset, The Unity Alliance will jump in from January 20th, to the 27th.

    And InTheDark will close out the competition shortly after, starting on the 22nd, and ending on the 29th.

    I look forward to putting this together for you guys, and I am terribly excited to put together these results, and see exactly who ends up where.

    If anybody has any questions, they can shoot them to me here.

    This is not a sign-up thread
    , although if you'd like your clan to be involved in future competitions, you can get in touch with me personally, via message/kik.

    Obviously, this thread will be updated with new information every time it is deemed necessary to do so by myself.
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    This sounds great good luck to all above!
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    Wow, I WISH I had as much free time as you...

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    I didn't know we were in this O.o
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    Man.. You are simply excellent for the CoC community!!

    Good luck to all players involved!
    Started 5th december 2012

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    Wow, this is awesome. Good luck to all involved!

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    Looks like it took some time, well constructed post!

    Not so sure about the example clans
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    Can't wait for the results!

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    This is gonna be interesting.

    Good luck to all clans involved.
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    Wow sounds like alot of work Chris but for a good cause. Good luck with the running of this competition and all the clans involved.

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