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Thread: The Bailey II - A clan to help you grow

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    We’re having a ton of fun in cwl! Come check us out!

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    Need strong TH10s come check our active clan out!

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    Bump bump, new to th10? We’ve got skilled players to help you continue your progress!

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    Jun 2018
    With the Bailey main clan going TH11s and 12s only, we've moved more TH10s here. The Bailey II is getting stronger and stronger. Plus it's the Bailey family's most socially active clan!

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    Just finished first in cwl, won’t by over 50 stars.. come check us out!

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    Any room for a newer th10

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    heck ya! we just crossed over into crystal for cwl! come check us out...

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    We are killing it these days, looking for active th10 members... come check us out!

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    bump! Come check us out...

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    Jun 2018
    No rush on recruiting for this clan. 😁

    Clan is full but we're still looking at growing our clan family group. Let us know what you're interested in. 👍

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