Our CWL ended earlier and I have to say that the previous changes have certainly made CWL more enjoyable.

We are currently in M3 and in the past we have struggled to get anywhere against tough competition. It feels like the natural filtering from the removal of the sandbagging clans has made the environment more competitive at our level.

I don't have any data on who we faced. But it was a fair mixup of bases that were on par with our teams. We came in second overall which is better than previous seasons. We had the talent to go number 1 but my CO-Leader started the league and left out some of our best bases(not sure why). We split our lower bases into another clan we have in Gold 2 so that everyone can compete so maybe he thought more of the bases were moving over.

Even competing in G2 was fun.

So in short, it appears taking the incentives for clans to farm medals in CWL is working to filter clans into their appropriate tiers. I think they should promote the top 2 clans in M3 and above because the competition is fierce and generally there seems to be a big gap between 2 and 3.

These are just my opinions and do not reflect the views and experiences of others.