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Thread: TH12 Pekka Smash

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    TH12 Pekka Smash

    Hi guys. I want to start practicing Pekka smash at TH12. Does anyone have any good compositions for it ? And any tips ? Like is it best to go for eagle early or come in to the town hall first

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    Pekka 6
    healer 3
    wiz 1
    archer 2
    Babydragon 1
    bowlers 12

    Heal 1
    Rage 2
    Jump 1
    Freeze 2
    Poison 1

    icegolem + pekka + rage + ww

    tips :

    1. Funneling

    make sure you drop 1 pekka each on either side first [dont worry if they walk around the base, they will take down trash building outside] baby drag can assist in funneling , once the funnel is made drop down ww + hero and remaining squad

    2 Spell placement
    I>First, Use rage (1) - this will help your troops to push in base quickly
    II>Second, Deploy Heal + Rage + Poison(on cc troops) ; also use freeze on infernos
    III>Third, Use 2nd rage in core , and 3rd rage on a group were more number of troops survived

    3 Warden Ability
    Make sure u save your warden ability when TH is taken down
    Use it if you have a combo of giant bombs on your way in

    additional tip
    Make sure you fill your cc in correct order.... they follow 1st in 1st out concept...if your icegolem is targetted early
    it will freeze near by buildings which will give pekka easier access to TH

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