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Thread: Mini Account Banned For Phishing Attempts

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    Mini Account Banned For Phishing Attempts

    So, my email on one of my minis was compromised, and before i could set up the right security measures (that being 2FA), they gained access to my mini CoC account (probably because of the SC emails they noticed and nothing else). Well, I tried to go through support on another account to get that account back and if need be on a new email, but it is extremely automated, and I wasn't able to reach a human at all on the support system when I tried a few related options. So, I'm just posting this here asking what can I do in order to get to a human on support to explain my case and provide the needed info that is necessary to get my account back.

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    Contact In/Out of the Game

    E-Mail Contact Form
    these are the official ways to contact supercell ingame support. look at the options for something like "contact support agent" if you have the automated support bot "sparky". the option is not everywhere available. if not you will have to deal with sparky or email contact (most times email support advices to use the ingame contact).

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