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Thread: trying to recover a lost clan

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    Unhappy trying to recover a lost clan

    Wow, this has been a nightmare in many ways. Any recommendations for help? Background: Clan was accidentally abandoned as a result of moving to a new clan for CWL. IS THERE ANY WAY OF POSSIBLE RECOVERY OF CLAN?
    - I would think so. SC is able to see who was leader before accidental abandonment by providing clan tag of leader, right?
    - Numerous members of clan (including leader of course) have been trying to get help from SC both by in-game support methods, and by out-of-game contact. We are getting nowhere. It is interesting how different the responses are. 1) Some keep asking person to pick the right option. But there are not directly accurate options for this, so conversation ends up being closed. 2) some never get a 'Pick the appropriate option/topic' but get directly to a person (at least it seems like a real person).. different things happen here too - for example "we found the inquiry #, tell leader to provide player tag, and inquiry number... But when leader goes to help and support - they get lost trying to pick the right option again!! It is not consistent in the way help & support responds. Clicking "5. Something else" has an auto response of "You can find more information at FAQs in help and support." Blechh.. Full circle. Other conversations just get "closed" when not yet resolved. Others close with "Thanks for contacting us! It seems that one of our other topics would be a better fit."
    - It's bad enough that we lost the clan by accident, but the confusion and insanity of trying to reach help and support to see if there are any recovery options has resulted in finding no answers or help. Why do the Help & Support Process/responses vary depending on the person seeking help? Sometimes you get the Pick a Topic requirements, some people don't get these. We tried the email method out side of game too.. this also didnt work - was told to use in-game method.

    What to do... what to do... And please do not say "Just make a new clan". Many people work very hard, invest a lot of time and sometimes $$ into building a good clan over a long time period. Starting over more than likely means quitting clash at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKFrostbite View Post
    in short → no.
    once the last person left the clan it will get deleted. you will see the clan in your list of saved clantags but you will not get it back.

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