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Thread: Should I upgrade to th11?

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    Should I upgrade to th11?

    Iím having trouble with this decision. I was gonna wait until I was completely maxed. But now I have my August season pass earnings getting stolen because I canít spend gold or elixir on anything. My BK is level 34 and my AQ is level 37. My entire base is maxed besides heroes and spells. Dark spells are the only things not maxed in lab. Should I upgrade or wait?

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    Definitely upgrade. You won’t regret it.

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    Keep maxing out those heroes.

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    I would say upgrade your TH , you have decent lvl of heroes at present
    good luck

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    Do it. Loot is not nearly as bad in TH11 as people make it out to be(it's better than it was in TH10 for me, getting 500+ with Giants and Goblins in low Crystal as of now). Grand Warden, Electric Dragon, level 4 Witches, level 3 Bowlers, and so much more exciting things on TH11.

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