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Thread: Friendly, Casual, Fun, Derby Lovers Wanted

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    Red face Friendly, Casual, Fun, Derby Lovers Wanted

    Join Farmersland!! 8CQ8C2QL Level 60 required. We are an English speaking group that welcomes people from all over the world. We want to build up our NH with active, helpful, talkative people! We love derbies and ask that you participate fully. 300 points min and at least 8/9 tasks. If you are not able to participate just OPT OUT!Diamonds are not required for our NH but if you choose to use them, you can. We want ro make friends and have fun! Our NH does not have strict rules and we are a casual bunch. Can't wait to meet you!!:
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    Come join our team!!! You won't regret it!!!
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    Let's have some fun and make friends around the world!!!

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    We need fun and happy members!Join us

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    Need fun and active members!!!

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    Building a fun neighborhood! We want it to feel like family! Come join!

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    Bring your friends to Farmersland too!!! Come on in and tell us who you are!!!! We want to meet you!!!!

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