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Thread: Seriously Fun: A successful family of English-speaking, adult war clans.

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    Cool Seriously Fun: A successful family of English-speaking, adult war clans.

    We are Seriously Fun #YLPYCPP9 because we are serious about having fun! Weíre a relaxed, family-oriented environment. We are now a Level 16 clan!

    While you donít have to be a great warrior when you join us, we do expect to see improvement, and we do expect you to ask for help when you need it. We will gladly teach you to 3-star in war, how to upgrade, and even how to farm. We can even diagram bases for you.

    We have now added the clan Mandatory Fun to our family. They are more serious than Seriously Fun and have a war log to prove it!
    Seriously Fun will allow its top warriors to join Mandatory Fun. A third clan will be created to house those who enjoy more relaxed and stress-free clashing. As you can see, we have a home for all types of players.

    Our leader is 46 years old, and has been leading clans/guilds for decades (Everquest, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, and now Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans)!

    We play fair.
    We constantly war.
    We donate only what is requested.
    We donate as much as possible.
    We request as much as possible.
    We use all our war attacks.
    We try for maximum stars.
    We opt-out when we wonít be able to use both war attacks.
    We communicate in English.

    We do NOT snipe in wars without permission.
    We do NOT cause drama.
    We do NOT cuss.

    Promotions are earned for donations, recruiting, success in wars, or otherwise helping the clan.

    Please study our in-game clan description and join us on Discord:

    We also have 3 clans in Clash Royale.

    Clash on!

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