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Thread: Fishing Lures

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    Excuse my ignorance, but what's all this fuss about lures? Some can be made every day, 9 can be requested and fillets can be found in the dd.
    I don’t know why the OP was asking, but I find fishing lures to be a problem during the Valley season when I have sun tasks requiring lures several days in a row—which has happened every season so far. I have a pretty big tackle box, and I start the Valley season with the maximum number of lures “on the ground,” but I still run out after several days in a row of lure sun tasks. I don’t think asking hoodmates for lures is a solution, because everyone else is in the same (fishing) boat.

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    I spend off time in the derby making lures and putting out as many lobster and duck traps as possible. I alway have a surplus.

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