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Thread: T.U.F.F | #20CPRLYLV | Max Th6+ | War Clan Looking for New Members!

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    T.U.F.F | #20CPRLYLV | Lvl5 | Max Th6+ | War Clan Looking for New Members!

    To Unite and Fight Foes! Nothing is better than winning a war and growing stronger! Were looking to increase our numbers in active players as fast and efficiently as possible.

    My name is Gabriel, my IGN is Paladin and I am the clan leader of T.U.F.F. I am a somewhat fresh Th10 with max Wizards, Pekkas, Dragons and Archers. I am looking for some active members so as to help my clan family grow into a force to be reckoned with.

    Description of T.U.F.F
    - Everyone is 18+, we mostly use clean language, therefore were not looking for anyone below the age of 15.
    - I am the heavy donator, usually donating around 800-1300 a season, depending on how often my clan mates would like the assistance. I ask that any newcomers try to donate at least 300/season.
    - The chat isnt used as much as Id like, but we have a group chat on Snapchat that we use to announce Clan War, Leagues, Troop requests, etc.
    - We always participate in Clan War Leagues, but we normally war once or twice a week, once we get more members the plan is to move up to 2-3 times a week.

    - We ask that anyone wanting to join be at least 15 years of age, that way theyd be able to listen and understand rules better.
    - Wed also kindly ask that you at least be a fresh Town Hall 6, were willing to of course allow time to grow, were not monsters.
    - Before any Town Hall progression occurs, we ask that you double check that everything is maxed out including buildings and troops, walls for lower town halls are a must, but I understand that higher level walls are expensive and take a lot of time.
    - We ask that anyone TH6+ donate 200-300/Season.
    - We ask that you are at least somewhat fluent and type in English.

    Thank you for stopping by, we hope to fight along side you all on the battlefield!
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