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    Great idea though I think #3 is too good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isomer View Post
    So we're all very aware that after achieving Clan Level 10, there are no more perks given out as the clan levels up. My suggestion would be to add additional perks, which wouldn't give any higher level clan a significant advantage over another competing lower level clan. My suggestions are as follow:

    1) Starting at Clan Level 11 and up until Level 20, the entire clan receives a 1-2% "cash back" donation bonus; for example, if you donate a troop that costs 1000 elixir, you get 10-20 elixir back upon donation. This will keep things fair and encourage donations, and cap out the bonus at 10-20% "cash back" at Clan Level 20.

    2) Have a point system starting at Clan Level 11 that allows for a daily accrual of points in order to redeem daily items from the shop (currently only bought with gems). For example, at Clan Level 11, you accrue 10 points a day, which would allow you to purchase a 250 point item once a month (say, a book of building or a resource potion). This bonus could increase to 15 point daily accrual at Clan Level 15 and 20 point accrual at Clan Level 20. You could give users a choice to purchase these items with either points or gems, with points perhaps costing a lot more than the gems (in order to not overthrow the system).

    3) A perk unlocked that allows the clan to glance at the specific Clan Castle troops of an opponent during a war.

    4) Automatic 1 gem donations perk for all war Clan Castle contributions. This way clan castles get filled quickly and the duty doesn't fall on any one individual. Also avoids the "two people have cooked the same troops and now one has to dump" situation.

    <ruled out idea redacted>

    Please let me know what you think and whether you have any other good suggestions. Remember that fairness is key and good perks are that which benefit everyone in the clan and doesn't give your clan the upper hand over another.

    Thanks for reading!

    1. Level 10 clans already get 50% discount on donations, so...?
    2. Sounds like the seasons challenges
    3. As has been said, an advantage (particularly to higher level clans who then know how to tweak their compositions to deal with cc troops.)
    4. I often used the one gem donations for war CCs, and other requests since they became available with the passes. I’ve spent 2500 in gems on donations, lol. I uh, need less of that temptation, not more. A few clanmates who also have the one gem donation don’t even think about war CCs, so Idk that that will encourage it.

    As for two people cooking the same troops and needing to dump? Just have your army in your camps and donate from the queue, where they can be deleted. Finish donating, delete what you don’t need, and just hit quick train on your regular army again?


    I would still kind of like to see some sort of achievement to keep track of war castle donations, maybe one that kicks in at TH10 once you have troops that can be donated as max. Or a track for donation of siege machines? They upped the XP for those, but a lot of people don’t care about XP.

    I’m not sure whether that would fit into this clan perks thing, or is another matter that’s probably been discussed elsewhere.

    But again, if there were an achievement that came with clan perks, we’re back to the people who care about getting all of the achievements only wanting to join the highest level clans. I really haven’t been able to think of any non-cosmetic, actual “perks” that wouldn’t create that situation.

    Thanks for the pic, Katana! (And Tahoe for getting a working link, lol.)

    I still need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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