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Thread: Tap or Press And Hold To Deploy Troops

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    Tap or Press And Hold To Deploy Troops

    Every single time I look at a base to attack 2 lines of text with big fonts are in my face: Tap or Press And Hold To Deploy Troops!! It's really really annoying. Also it blocks my view. I understand that if someone just started playing that message could be helpful but after months or years of playing you certainly don't need it AND it becomes a bother & blocks the view.
    For new players include it. However after they did, say, 10 attacks or something take it off for goodness sake!

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    I've been playing for like 5 years and there have been times recently when I thought I selected my starting troop then started tapping away on the base trying to deploy them. Without that message I'd probably stare at my screen wondering where my troops went. Sorry, my vote would be to leave it as-is.

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    Lol relying on an annoying message to see if my troop is moving or not😂

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