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Thread: Does clan level go up in mid of CWL?

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    Does clan level go up in mid of CWL?

    We are a level 5 clan. Our clan should go to level 6 when we have 3800 points. Our number is 3800 but clan remained at level 5. Actually it should have pass 3800 and count towards level 7 (which is 10-minute donation wait time).

    It seems we will stuck here until end of CWL season, also will miss 500+ points for the rest days. Is that a known issue?

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    if you gain clan xp you lvl up , during cwl too

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    It probably has to do with being in the middle of an event. I would assume, that the second CWL is over, you'll get your Level 6 badge and perks.
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    It's a known bug, search the bugs forum for more details.
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    found one. thank you.

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    You won't miss out on anything - the points will be added

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    Thanks all for the info.

    God had listened (or supercell) to me. We leveled up this morning, not a single xp missing. Now we are happily heading to level 7 clan.

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