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    Aug 2014
    Out of curiosity, I’m going to keep typing just to see if this has a limit... nothing so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by Russianmob305 View Post
    Sweet! Hope I can crack the top 200!

    IGN: Russianmob
    Player tag #80QYJV8CR
    Clan: DOJO
    Clan tag #U0RPCV0Y
    Highest cups: 5674

    Would also like to push 2 rushes TH12s accounts:

    IGN: Sharpshooter
    Player tag #99LQYQL8P
    Clan: DOJO
    Clan tag #U0RPCV0Y
    Highest cups: 3969

    IGN: Hulk
    Player tag #9PCRQG2CR
    Clan: DOJO
    Clan tag #U0RPCV0Y
    Highest 3948

    See y’all there! Clash on!
    Hi! Due to spacing we can only accept 2 accounts, as too many from each person will fill up very fast.
    Click on the picture to find out more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avery99 View Post
    Hi! Due to spacing we can only accept 2 accounts, as too many from each person will fill up very fast.
    Ok, just the two rushed accounts then, thx

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    IGN:- Hardik
    Player tag:- #22L2UQPY8
    Clan name:- super india
    Clan tag:- #UL9GJ2J9
    All time best:- 3915

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    pick me, pick me!!

    ok more official is needed;

    IGN; NightCrawler

    Player Tag; #Q28PQ92P

    All time best; 5757 (pre OBS)
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    In a white house
    IGN: Armageddon
    Player tag: #8YY9YR8C9
    Clan name: Dark Destroyers
    Clan tag: #QQC998LP
    All time best: 5313

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    Behind you

    Withdrawn my signup. Turns out my clan is pushing that month.

    Will for sure visit :-)
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    Jun 2014
    Forum clans, and maybe in clash space
    In-game name: PowerCell
    Player tag: #28L8QGRP
    Clan name: Centum Hades
    Clan tag: #89CJU0JR
    Highest trophies: 3366 (The last time I pushed was probably th9, but I like forum events so I'll give it another shot)

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    The Alps
    I am sigining up too, of course, and though I am late due to an extremely busy weekend so far, I am going to look after sign ups and keep the roster up to date.

    I will post the roster a little later so that it‘ll be top of page 2 (if you have set to 50 posts per page) or top of page 6 (in case you have left settings at default 10 posts per page).

    This will be a great event, I am truely looking forward to it !!!

    And don‘t be shy, this event is for everyone! Do take part, even if you are not Th12 nor have been higher then Master League ever before. It‘s a community event, everyone can get loads of fun and experience from.

    Have Fun

    max TH12, lvl 223 65/65/ 40
    2014 Review-Video , Free download, printable stats booklet .
    Journey to full Lavas Video.

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    Look behind you!
    Your Fada

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    In-Game Name: Saitama
    Player Tag: #PGQ889C2R
    Clan Name: Total Balloony
    Clan Tag: #CC08YYJP
    Highest Trophies: 3231

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