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Thread: [Sign-Up & Info Thread] Forum Elite VII

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    Out of curiosity, I’m going to keep typing just to see if this has a limit... nothing so far.

    [Sign-Up & Info Thread] Forum Elite VII

    The forums most popular event is back, ready to attack the leader boards once more!
    Are you ready?

    Forum Elite is a 10 day pushing event made for forumers, by forumers. The main objective is pushing, but it's also a chance for many people from this community to come together and just overall have a good time; whether that be sharing replays, getting a new personal best, or just meeting forumers in game for the first time, there's something to enjoy for everyone.
    If you've been a member of the Supercell forums since September 6th 2019, then you qualify to participate. (Note: Due to the long duration of these sign ups, this will be a rolling date)
    As always, we will be running 3-4 clans based on demand. As of now, the set up allows for 4 clans maximum.

    Here is a video from Forum Elite V made by Stitch that does a great job highlighting some of the events best moments:

    Years ago, before things such as clan wars and legends league, many people from this community would occasionally gather together in a clan by the name of DownToForum; the clan served as a place where forumers could socialize and overall just have a good time. In August 2013, Mufasa, a well known member of the community, proposed an idea that was designed to give more purpose to this group. It was simple, people from the forums would gather together in one or two clans and push to the top of the leader boards. The clans name: Forum Elite. Thus was born the start of a prominent event, immediately gaining a lot of traction from other forumers. It soon became an instant hit, with many community members asking when the next one would be. Eventually Forum Elite II was planned, with the goal of being bigger and better than the last. Names such as zachUVA, Daddy, Ryan0412, and Stitch have paved the way in creating the format we still use today!
    Forum Elite has also seen many changes throughout the years. In recent affairs, things such as clouds and an overall decline in interest due to many other events have lowered the amount of sign ups we usually see. With that said, the rework of legends has allowed us reinvigorate this event, with a shared purpose of bringing it back to the prominence it once had in this community.

    Great success has come at the top during these events as well.
    Below are some of the past achievements that have been accomplished from our clans:
    Forum Elite I (Sept 2013) - Reached #60 in the world!
    Forum Elite II (Feb 2014) - Reached #15 in the world!
    Forum Elite III (Jul 2014) - Reached #15 in the world!
    Forum Elite IV (Feb 2015) - Reached #25 in the world!
    Forum Elite V (Nov 2015) - Reached #70 in the world!
    Forum Elite VI (Dec 2017) - Reached #47 in the world!
    Forum Elite VII (Oct 2019) - This year, we're aiming for the Top 50 in the world!

    In addition to global ranks, the team has also come up with some more overall goals we want to see achieved at this years event:

    Forum Elite VII is scheduled to take place Saturday, October 12th through Tuesday, October 22nd.
    There will be "soft openings" for the clans a couple days prior to the events official start date: this means you can join early if you want to participate in a casual war or two and socialize with some forumers beforehand. NOTE THAT WE ARE STARTING THE EVENT VERY CLOSE TO THE END OF OCTOBER CWL, so if you want to join early please advise your clan leaders to spin sooner rather than later for CWL.
    The clans should start opening Wednesday October 9th, and the clan tags will be listed in the roster thread, so be on the lookout to join!

    This event is open to anyone on the forums who has the desire and willingness to strive for their goals, both individually and as a community! You will be assigned to a starting clan at the beginning of the event, and will be moved around based on your performance. Please follow the signup format below, as it is essential we get the information needed in order to correctly organize these clans:

    In-Game Name: Selttiks
    Player Tag: VL82J2PP
    *Clan Name: InFinite Legacy
    *Clan Tag: PJRLL8GG
    Highest Trophies: 4001
    *If not in a clan, just write N/A

    ***We WILL NOT be accepting any members who do not take the time to read this thread and follow this format correctly (just the info, you don’t need to copy the table layout). Also note that there is no need to update your highest trophy count after originally signing up, as we will be reshuffling clans every two to three days based on individual performances.***

    We highly recommend that you start pushing well in advance from the start date of the event. Most pushes cap out at 4-6 weeks, so it's very important that everyone hits their high point during the event, and not afterwards. If you're a Legends player, just be ready to push at the start of the season.

    Sign ups will close at 12pm EST on Saturday, October 5th. This is to allocate enough time to get the roster out, and so that you'll know well in advance when and where to go for the event, along with other clan info and how the event will run during that week.

    As always, the turnout in helping to plan this was immense. The goal has always been to take this event to the next level and make it something really enjoyable and memorable for everyone. The staff, just like everyone else, will participate in the event clans. You might even find yourself in the same clan as some of the people that made this all possible. Our clan leaders will consist of various leveled players from the organization team (and long time friends of Forum Elite), so that this event can run smoothly and people can get to where they need to be.

    I personally want to give a huge shoutout to Deadnettle for her continuous work on leveling up the clans these past few months. Without her help, the push to get this going again would not have gotten nearly as much support as it did.

    The sign ups will be managed by Tullsadum, and a full roster will be available a week before the official start of the event. The link to that thread will be placed here and at the top of this post. PLEASE CHECK BACK TO THIS POST A WEEK BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS FOR THE ROSTER THREAD!

    This event is made possible by the members of the forum family, and the support you give it. If you are planning to be apart of this event next month, you can help spread the word by wearing the awesome signature below made by DragonX101. This and all the other pictures in this thread were made by him; he was also kind enough to make a selection of signatures, so if you see him around, give him a rep as a way of acknowledging these masterpieces . Please link the signature picture below back to this thread so others can find info on this event.

    If you would like to stay updated on what's going on behind the scenes, and as a way of communicating outside the event, the people over at FESG are graciously letting us take over their Discord server for this event. Discord is free for both IOS and Android devices, and pretty much anywhere else with an internet connection. A special thanks to Sowad for his work on setting that up. If you want to join in, click the link here.

    I will be taking any additional questions you have and answering them below in a Q&A post. If there's still something you're not sure about, don’t hesitate sending a PM to an organizer. Any name in bold that is not italicized are considered organizers for this years event; I've attached links to their profiles on their names for easier access.

    Hope to see you there!
    Your Forum Elite VII Organization Team!
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    Out of curiosity, I’m going to keep typing just to see if this has a limit... nothing so far.
    Below are some commonly asked questions from forumers interested in this event. If something new comes up, I'll be sure to add it.

    1. Can any town hall level (or trophy count) join?
    Yes, anyone can join. However, note that we only have 4 clans, so in the event we get over somewhere between 180-200 sign ups, we'll have to put some people on a reserve list based on either trophy counts or when that person signed up. If that number is much higher (e.g. 300), we'll reconsider that limit. It's very unlikely that we'll run out of room, but it's factored in just in case.

    2. Can I join early?
    Yes, soft opening dates will start approximately 2-4 before the event officially begins. Exact dates will be provided in the roster thread.

    3. Can I bring multiple accounts to this event?
    Yes, 2 accounts maximum will be allowed. In the event we begin running out of room, we will ask that you remove one of your accounts from the event (ideally if any issues arise, we will try to take care of them before Forum Elite officially starts).

    4. What if I didn't sign up for the event? Can I still visit?
    Yes, we love visitors! We will try to keep a few clan spots open up until the last 2 days of the event. Note that stay times in any of our clans will be at the full discretion of those respective clan leaders, so please take that into consideration when joining (although they're all pretty relaxed about that stuff).

    5. Is there any place where I can get some behind the scenes action and talk more closely with the organizers before the event?
    Yes, in fact, there is! Click the link here, and it will bring you to the discord server we're currently doing a lot of our discussions in.

    6. Will there be a builder base push as well?
    The main focus of this event has always been to push as high as possible onto the leaderboards in the home village. Unfortunately this means this event won't incorporate the builder base into the pushing aspect.

    6a. What about a builder base clan?
    Due to the above statement, no builder base clan will be made either.

    7. How will things be handled if this event interferes with other things (such as clan games)?
    We've picked the event dates based off the current pattern clan games have fallen under. However, we are not certain if these dates (22nd-28th) will continue over into October; more or less it is a guessing game to find the most optimal time. Hopefully it doesn't vary too much, if at all, but if it does the leadership team will handle it then.
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    Good luck on obtaining all your goals during this event, I'm not one pushing, but will be following your progress on the FESG discord.
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    This is awesome. Glad to be a part of the event.

    Also, don't forget to join the discord server for the event... invite link -
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    Count me in @ 4719 trophies now, will start pushing

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    Thanks for DragonX101 for his great work!

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    Making GFX signatures for forumers :)
    WOOO Feel free to wear the signatures everyone

    (let me know if one doesn't load for you)

    How do I insert the signature?
    1. Right click and save your image. Then on the forum click on "Settings".
    2. Now go to "edit signature" on the sidebar on the left
    3. Scroll down and click on "choose file" under "Upload Signature Picture".
    4. Browse for your already saved image and then click on upload. "[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]" means your signature is inserted.
    5. Now go and press "Save Signature".

    (If your signature doesn't show, make sure when you post you have the "Show Signature" box checked on the bottom left of your text box )

    Free feel to let me know if you need any further help with signatures!

    Have fun!

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    Sign Up

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    Thanks, all...will be great fun!

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