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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    The voting will be available in the news section when you open the game, some time next week.
    Will it be possible for us to see how many players have voted and the number of votes for each clan?
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    Who can vote.clan leader or anyone??..

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    If it's there at game news tab by next week
    There's more probability clan with more fans always got an auto ticket

    And we got one month break before final
    So why not battling these clan this month for 2 final ticket

    Is it a joke if by poll intz eliminated ... They're the ones I believe truly deserve

    And I have a feeling they are (eliminated)

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    Intz intz intz

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    right behind you
    i vote for me. everyone vote for me. 😄

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    Intz is the best clan between all of them, Intz has the best players and they don't attack with spam and I think that it make they the best clan.
    My vote is INTZ!!!

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    My vote is for intz, so much of consistency 😀.

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    INTZ & TOP OF JAPAN is my vote because they made it to qualifiers so many times!

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    As per my view , INTZ has been top notch consistent and Awesome...

    Hope the clash of Clan Universe understands that...

    Lets give them one more chance... Lets see them Rock

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    These clans didn’t get through the qualifiers.

    They've already been beaten fair and square by better clans.

    How many chances do they need?

    Cant really see that any of them ‘deserve’ to be there.

    They have been consistent, consistently failed to qualify.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kajid View Post
    Loot difficulty has gone up again today by 2.5% Why do they keep increasing the loot difficulty this makes the game not worth playing and before you all say there is more inactive bases and less active players it still shouldn't be a 2.5% increase in difficulty.

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