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Thread: Need a clan

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    Need a clan

    Looking for a clan very active and donative th8 almost maxed #2PUCYRVUG
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    Hey come check us out!
    We are a friendly war clan. More info in link.

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    I think you will be a great fit for us.
    We are dark lords,clan level 12,a sister clan to an all TH12s clan.
    We got many TH12s in the family,so you will always get max troops and sieges.
    We got players who are happy to teach and learn new strategies.
    We got players from all over the world,so you will not be alone whenever you play.
    We always max clan games.
    Currently many members are out of clan for CWL as we have 4 clans for CWL.
    Come give us a try.
    Our clan tag is :#PL90YR
    Say 'Rak sent you' in the join request.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konbics View Post
    Looking for a clan very active and donative th8 almost maxed #2PUCYRVUG
    #VCP928C Foraken Uprise. Check us out.

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    Hey there!

    We are a lvl 7 war clan. We donate and support our members by giving them friendly advice and we chat a lot!
    Wars are optional.

    Clan name: Shadows Arising

    Hope to see you soon!

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    Location, Location.

    We're a steadily growing clan and we'll be glad to have members like you!

    Join our clan and check us out. We're also a pretty chill clan.
    - Our clan tag: #29QGJQRQU
    - This link (make sure you have the app installed of course):
    - Search for us (The Chad Lads). we're the ones with the black and yellow "Y" shaped banner.
    Banners/Logos are for the weak...
    I also have a clan. Check it out!

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