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    Translation app

    So surely we have all received a new clan member alert in our chat boxes but when we give our greetings we are disappointed to find that the new member does not speak our language. What does everybody think about supercell adding a function to the game to translate any language to our desired language. I messaged support (shoutout to John) and he thought it was a great idea. That way we would be able to converse with people all across the world and we wouldn’t have any barriers from meeting new people and accepting them into our own clans. Give us your thoughts.

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    Good idea if it was possible to implement.

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    It’s a good idea.
    its possible to implement google translate into any app. It would be a coding issue plus charges to pay google.
    The next best thing would be to make inbox messages and clan chat copiable to the clipboard so that you could google translate it yourself. You can already google translate your own message and copy it to the chat.

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