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Thread: A wish that can never come true

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincenzo1234 View Post
    As I sit here as a casual clasher now after 6 years in the game, I wish CWL had come out 3-4 years ago. I remember the game being so electric back then with a much larger crop of good players who were really into the game. I strictly participate in cwl and clan games only now. We never do regular clan wars. The clash friends I have just arent into it anymore, which I understand as Im the same way. I like to put in 1 week of warring and then upgrade everything. I have many accounts that Ive upgraded to th12 and just let cwl and clan games upgrade, aside from just collecting collectors, an occasional raid, and sometimes buying one week shields with 7 resource potions. Supercell made a great game that has been a big part of my life but Im afraid they were a couple years late with the addition of CWL, or at least something like it. Regular clan wars just werent enough to feed the fire for as long as it did. Oh well, its one of those things in life that I just wished had happened but never did. I will keep grinding along with my friends as we are hanging onto the game by a thread, but I figured Id share my thoughts which Im sure many feel the same.

    PS: We are in our 2nd clan catching it up to our main clan which is in Master 1. Currently, we are crushing master 2. And thats what Ive also noticed, master 3 and master 2 feel watered down with not much talent. Not good attacks, but mainly terrible base designs. Another sign that many great players have left. I guess CWL is doing what it intended: Its weeding out all the weaker players. Wouldve been intense 3 years ago when the community had more fire in its belly.

    One thing to bear in mind about CWL is it will attract MANY clans that otherwise don't do normal wars (or don't do them regularly). This is because in CWL unskilled and/or rushed (aka super casual or "drop all my troops and watch them") players can win. It also attracts non-war farmers as well. I don't really view this as a bad thing and have come to view CWL as a way to farm for my normal clan wars. We are generally constantly attacking +1-2 town halls as well in Crystal 1 so still getting some decent practice even though most base designs are terrible.
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    I am in favor of anything that encourages good players to join or merge into larger clans.

    Too many clan "leaders" out there in a clan of three, and one of them is an alt account. The other is a global random who last signed on when Obama was President.
    UNICORNS! I want unicorns. Any clan that gets a 3 war win streak should have one villager replaced by a frisky little unicorn that frolics and gambols about the village. Let's make this happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperR0ck View Post
    I think what makes CWL and CG great are the rewards.
    I doubt these two modes will worth the efforts if they came with bad rewards.

    I would tend to agree with clan games.. There is nothing within that sub game, except gain points towards the rewards.
    For CWL, it has maybe become a farming ground, but only because there was profit in not being promoted when it was first released.
    The foundations were laid then. They have reacted, but mindsets will have already been forged in many cases.

    Since the reward fix, it is personal/clan choice as to how it is approached.. There are those whom push, those whom farm, and those that simply like to win.. Their clan strategy will be dependant on which of the 3 categories they choose to pursue.

    For me, if they had called it "Fresh Hit War", with no extra rewards except the normal win/lose bonus, I would likely still have played, simply because its war.
    As for the non weighting.. It doesnt bother me. I look for stars, rather than how big they are.

    In regular war, do people decide to not fill their cc, and not bother attacking, just because the MMA has been unkind with the draw?..
    It amounts to the same thing.. War is war, rewards are a bonus.
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    My Opinion - The Game has never been easier to Progress Faster.

    However - I do remember the Old Days when everything took ages to Upgrade & there were No Books or Hammers or Quantity of Events to Assist But then again, there wasn’t the Amount of Choice that there is Today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    I am in favor of anything that encourages good players to join or merge into larger clans.

    Too many clan "leaders" out there in a clan of three, and one of them is an alt account. The other is a global random who last signed on when Obama was President.
    I agree with this. I would love for more clans to merge to make wars more quality and less quantity

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