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Thread: [IDEA]Multi targeting troop

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    [IDEA]Multi targeting troop

    It is highest space consuming troop. It is similar to inferno tower in the multi target mode. And it is a ranged troop and ground troop. It is slower than all troops. And it is like barbarian and a tower in his hand and it is interlinked with barbarian level and inferno level but in a raged troop.


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    So a barb with a multi inferno in his hands? Where is the theme, give it a better description. I can't imagine what a barb with an inferno in his hand would look like.

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    An option for such troop idea could be to make it a hero.
    It could link again to dark elixir (upgrades, usage) like inferno towers.
    Constant power would be the ranged multitargetting weapon of sort, spewing molten lava (immediate plus time damage).
    Make it a ‘Trojan Horse’ style, with some new troop being spawned upon activation (like BK or AQ).
    In summary a mechanized hero, with a weapon acting like a multi-inferno, with damage effect like a lava-launcher, and that spawns something like ‘golem/lava ground pups’ when activated (also having the launcher damage effect).

    Easier than trying to make a troop, assume dark-fed, while keeping a game balance.

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