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Welcome back Shea! You were missed!

Things have been kind of quiet down on the farm. Jude has been keeping us updated with Hilda's antics over at the R&F. She's created quite a bit of speculation as to what she and Fritz have been up to of late. Preparations are in full swing for the soirée, and I've even created a thread where those so inclined can give us a sneak peek of their fashions for the night. I confess I did more online window shopping choosing my outfit than I've ever done for anything in RL! Make believe dress up was so much fun!

As for the update, I'm reserving my opinion on it. I'm not yet a high enough level to get the lemon trees or the new products, but I went ahead and spent the coin to fix the neighborhood building although I don't know if it will be something that I'm going to be wild about. I supported a chat feature, but from early reports of how it's only tied to people in an established NH, it may prove to be more trouble than its worth.

At any rate, welcome back again, and will be looking forward to seeing you and Greg at the soirée!
oh how sweet that u missed me!
Hilda gotten wild i hear! Well i believe back in Norway she was kept in a very short leash so who can blame her? I think its mostly a news thrill something thats new andfun because of that... Think it will calm down in a while...

hehe i can understand that.... U dont have too consider if it fits or not....

well neither do i but i meant the loggin window mostly... Yea i dont know about the chatt thing either but can be nice when u need to trade i guess.... Well i gues time will tell!

thanks and yea we will be attending... Just wondering what to wear....