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Thread: Supercell i am in big troble help me

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    Supercell i am in big troble help me

    I have a th12 name ericvonmanstine the village is conected to supercell id but some one is constantaly abel to log in and ruin my game every thing iam upgrading he is cancaling that spending all gems and tolling bad words to my clan mate . And also trying to do a bad mening base set up so i get banded plz help me other wise my id is lost i have spent three and halp years to built this

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    You need to contact in game player support. They can help you secure your account. In the future, never share your account details or load your account on someone else’s device. Good luck.

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    They are not responding to my request

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    right behind you
    it can take several days.

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    What you need to do is wait patiently, and not spam them with messages.

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