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Thread: Diamond League for teams who use all diamonds to win?

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    I'm pretty sure they do monitor the diamond sales. I buy diamonds and am always being offered deals on them. I think if I bought vouchers or coins, they'd be offering deals on vouchers and coins. Support can look at my farm and tell me the activity. If they aren't monitoring diamond sales already, I'll bet they can easily write the code to make it so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerGirl View Post
    In fact, I saw a leader post a complaint about a team he was playing against on the very first day of last week's blossom derby. That's what prompted my post. I'm seeing this happen more and more frequently. The first place winner in the blossom derby our team was in finished in two days. Since we were 5 player teams, we were only getting 2 blossom tasks at a time. Each task turns around 5 times. It cannot be completed that quickly unless diamonds were being used by all players at every step of the game.

    Sorry, but the blossom derby is one of the exceptions. That derby is for the disciplined and most organized teams. It be possible for a 5 player team to complete the blossom derby with max score in the first 24 hrs without using diamonds.

    Also the derbies like the current derby we are in are so easy because of the abundance of 320 tasks appearing with fast tasks. I did all my tasks 320/10 in the first 5 hours of this derby. As for the zombies on my team, they are going to take most all week while there are mine and help tasks just sitting on the board. I never understand that.

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