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Thread: Mine Mini game with mike the miner

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    Mine Mini game with mike the miner

    An idea to energize the mine would be to create a new character. Mike the miner. Mike would enter the mine that could be like a maze. He would take a detector and where the pirate detector could dig. There are different types of signals according to colors.
    if yellow light comes out you can take out gold or amethyst.
    if red iron or rubies comes out.
    If it comes out blue. Platinum or aquamarine.
    if it comes out green silver or emeralds.
    If carbon black or opal comes out and
    If white diamonds comes out.

    The game is also coming out of the maze and there can be several levels of difficulty.

    With the new jewels, new things could be done in the jewelry according to the materials or take out new machinery such as watchmaking and watch types like wall clock are made. Cuckoo clock. wrist watches jewelry watch ...

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    Cute idea.

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    Another idea for mine minigame

    Mike the miner enters the mine and this is a maze where minerals and precious stones are seen but the road is blocked and you need shovels or dynamite peaks to get there... Like bomberman ancient game. Do you remember? It is easier to program and easier to play
    Can be found
    Gold silver platinum coal iron
    Emerald rubies opals aquamarine diamonds sapphires

    What do you thing about?

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