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Thread: Come join Farm Retreat 🌱🥕

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    🐎😁Farm Retreat 🌱🥕 Friendly neighbors looking for active farmers

    Hello. Our neighborhood is looking for friendly neighbors. Adult, English speaking NH. Minimum level 20. 😁
    Tag # VQ890LU
    Emblem: Yellow Cat on Purple Star


    🤩We are in the Champion's league and would like for our members to participate in the derby if they are opted in.
    The derby is not required but if you are participating, please pull and complete your share of tasks. Our derby log is shared. No point task requirements but we do ask that tasks are trashed if under 300 pts. We currently hold 15 gold trophies, 10 silver, and 15 bronze.
    🙈 We do NOT require the use of diamonds for derby. We do not reserve tasks. You can ask for a task not to be trashed but that is no guarantee that it will not be pulled by another member.

    Our NH has been around for a long time and some players have been in our hood for years.


    🤝🤗New members are expected to be adults who are courteous, helpful, respectful, active, and reliable.

    🌱Active farms only! After a prolonged period of inactivity farms will be removed from the NH.
    We are a mixed NH of US and other countries (mainly United States). Some are very talkative and others are there for the farming.

    😣🙊No drama, hateful or disrespectful behavior is tolerated.

    💦Please feel free to help by watering whenever another farmer needs it, unless spoken for by someone who requested it for a derby task.

    If you need anything, please feel free to ask. We will help anyone within reason. However, please don't be excessive with requests.

    🤨Also, NO cleaning out of other farmer's Roadside shops (RSS). If a member posts a sale, please take 3 or less and leave the rest. If the items are still there after 10 minutes or so, grab some more. If that farmer posts that it is okay to raid, then by all means clear it out.

    DON'T TAKE ITEMS THAT ARE SPOKEN FOR! If a farmer posts a request and another farmer tells that farmer it is available in their shop, NO taking the items. 🤨😒

    If our NH seems like the right fit for you, please post with your farm name and level.

    Hope to talk to you soon! 😀
    J&M farms
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    Still looking for neighbors

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    Drama free neighborhood seeking friendly neighbors. Come join us. 🤩

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    Bumping thread

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    Space still available in our neighborhood. 😁

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    We have some new neighbors. All we're missing is you... Come on over. 😁

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