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Thread: Will we ever do themed derbies again?

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    Will we ever do themed derbies again?

    Itís been a while since we did the themed derbies. I am not referring to the blossom, bingo or mystery derbies but the ones that had only certain tasks worth 400 pts. I know people complained about the paper getting flooded with pumpkins, strawberries (and other items), but I would love to do a different derby other than mystery or blossom.

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    Need bingo to get achievement!!!

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    I miss those derbies!

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    I liked them when the items weren’t revealed before the Derby started. Once they were announced beforehand they were boring.

    some new Derbies would be great!

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    Yes, we want those back. Halloween derby, birthday derby...etc ...all themed derbies with nice prizes .

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    personally i hated the themed derbys. it was a lot of basket tasks and stacking. i didnt find it very enjoyable.
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    I was wondering same thing.
    Why dont we have a Halloween derby with fun halloween prices to win?
    Its Thursday Halloween!
    Can any moderator explain why we dont get a Halloween derby anymore?
    You set out a great Halloween theme on our farms but you seem to forget about the derby?

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