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Thread: Sending gifts to people

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    Sending gifts to people

    Hi I'm new to the forum I have a few suggestions one is messages to your friends that play hay day as in my fiancee plays but I can't ask her to help me or vice versa or ask if she has stuff also I have a lot of things I don't use like bikes, gnomes, ornaments etc it would be nice to able to give them as gifts to people that want them as my fiancee wants a pond but can't afford it I have one I don't use would be nice to give it to her as a gift

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    What a lovely idea...
    I have a dream to have a Christmas 🎠🎠Carousel & Gramaxone
    It would be very nice if someone can give me those decorations 😂😄😊😘💕💕💕

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    I would love the ability to drop off gifts to other players. I think having a little box right by the road side shop that you could just drop tools, decorations, coins or products in for your friends would be wonderful.
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