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    New Idea

    Hear me out. Alot of the big teams, groups, clans, alliances and etc. have more members than the allotted slots per clan. This means that we bounce around and have to wait to be accepted. This also means that if a member from the overall group or alliance needs to bounce to another clan to donate or participate in war, we have to leave, request entry, wait, then do whatever we are doing, then go back and then promoted back to whatever level they were at (elder, co-leader, leader etc.). I would like to propose an "always welcome" list per clan capped at 200 members, that will let them keep their rank, (elder, co leader, etc..) as they bounce around to meet the needs of the alliance. Their should be an alliance account that is shared between 7-10 co-leaders/leaders that they can access through there clan tab in the profile section. This gives them the ability to assign multiple people as transient members part of the overall group that can come and go as they wish in the specified list of no more than 3 clans in this settings tab. I beleive this is valuable to the people who take it seriously and want to grow and participate in the community. I dont see a way this can be manipulated to avoid paying for in game content either. It allows our social/competitive circles to grow and stay interesting so you dont lose customers/loyal players.

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    i didn't really understand what you are trying to say

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    You completely don't understand? What can I clarify?

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    The idea of some enhancement to allow sister/feeder/allied clans gets brought up fairly frequently. In a video or AMA, Darian mentioned that it is something supercel is aware of. As usual, was pretty vague about it. Wouldn't surprise me if it got added at some point in the not too distant future but that's just my speculation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by autozone1 View Post
    You completely don't understand? What can I clarify?
    Well it is a bit of a wall of text and contains multiple different things you want, just saying.

    I've always liked the idea of a White List (a list of people always welcome) and a Black List (a list of people never welcome) that part makes sense to me. Some of the clan alliance moving between stuff needs more detail, preferably more paragraphs too.

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