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    And how much would all that usually cost in the Shop?

    Quote Originally Posted by KatanaMaster12 View Post
    Hmmm........ seems like they are pushing for you to upgrade your bh this month whereas last month they push for th
    6 clock tower potions...

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    Love the season pass. One gem donation and skin are all I buy them for since I’m maxed. I like that the skin is moved to beginning of reward instead of the end. Don’t have to wait or gem to get her. ��

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    It looks like I will get over 500 gems plus one gem donations and faster training for the cost of 500 gems, so I will buy it.
    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. I'm still thinking starting the "new" legends at Legends2 at 5500 and having Legends3 be for 5000-5499 would be good (with season resets to 5000 and 5500 depending on your trophies at season end) but overall I LOVE the Legends change. Thanks SC.

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    Thanks for all input. I understand people Will see for example book of spell very usefull etc . But for me mostly builder pot is nr1 priority because it reduce the building Time ALOT. We all have different opinions. And Thats fine. I just wanted to see people thoughts 👍

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    I still have a few buildings to max out on Builder Base.. Iíll probably cave and buy the pass, just for the BB related stuff.


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    at your base.
    Bought in 2nd account, just to max wall faster 20% cost reduction is amazing
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    Not as good as all the builder potions from last month, but still worth the $5 for all of the discounts on building/research/trainng, not to mention the huge season bank, books, etc.
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    Maybe you havenít noticed that in previous Aug season pass, there was 16 builder potions offered. So they want to give something else like clock tower potions to focus on BB.

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    It's just hard to wait for 2 weeks to completely upgrade your perks . which you could buy a season pass or even year pass with discounts so you won't lose perks each month

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    Iíll be making it rain this month

    Except my mom isnít letting me buy the pass yet since I bought a special pack two days ago. She said maybe later tho so thatís a plus

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