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Thread: Clan of Clashes #2PYQLPGR Is Recruiting Near-Max Th10+ for Fun Wars and Daily Chat!

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    Clan of Clashes #2PYQLPGR Is Recruiting Th11+ for Fun Wars and Daily Chat!

    ⚔️ **Clan of Clashes** #2PYQLPGR⚔️

    🔥 Clan of Clashes is a friendly level 15 war clan looking for active war/games/CWL players. We are mostly US-based, but have players from all over the world. We all have a common goal to enjoy playing the game... by winning wars, socializing, and improving. We currently have about a 75% win ratio in the last 90 days. 🔥

    💫Thomas: Th12/11/9, 1500+ war stars

    ⚡️GameOver: Th12/Th12, 2800+ war stars
    ⚡️Cody/Barto/Mikey: Th12x5/Th9, 4700+ war stars
    ⚡️Chief Trevor: Th11, 700+
    ⚡️Blank: Th12, 1000+ war stars
    ⚡️Hota_Hota123: Th11/Th10/Th9/Th9/Th8/Rushed Th 12, 2600+ war stars

    💥What we offer:

    ✅Friendly/Helpful chat daily
    ✅Discord communication (optional)
    ✅Quick, max donations
    ✅Wars on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (9 est)
    ✅Master 2 CWL
    ✅Max Clan Games with ease

    💥What we expect:

    ✅Participate in wars at least once a week
    👍This means using both attacks! Even if it is a blowout either way. This shows commitment
    ✅Opt out of war if you aren’t able to attack (Heroes down, traveling, etc.)
    👍This shows reliability
    ✅No rushed bases. We expect the following hero levels (If close we can discuss):
    💢Th12 45/45/15+
    💢Th11 40/40/any+
    👍This ensures strong attacking capabilities and fair wars
    ✅At least 500 points in Clan Games if you participate- more is encouraged!
    👍This shows that you are willing to give back to the clan
    ✅18+ (or at least act like it)
    👍This ensures maturity to avoid drama

    💯Interested? Stop by! Request to join with “”Supercell- I’m a fit!” 💯
    💪 DM me here @ClanOfClashes or on discord @Hota_Hota123#6131 if you have any further questions! 💪
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