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Thread: Lost one of my farm layouts

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    Angry Lost one of my farm layouts

    I have three different farm layouts as I enjoy the decorating aspect but I generally just play my original farm. A few months ago, however, I went to log on to my main farm and ran into an issue. It told me I had unplaced items so I placed everything that was shown in storage but when I saved the layout I got the message "Oops. Something went wrong. Garden swing returned to storage" and I was unable to save it. I have not been able to access that farm layout since. Nothing I do has worked. Has anyone else experienced this before or does anyone have any idea how to restore my OG farm? It was my favourite!
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    I haven't. Sound like an account issue. When you say no access to that farm layout, what error message are you getting when tapping on it?

    Have you tried Support in game yet?

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