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    Oct 2016

    Glitches- several

    5:55pm (USA EASTERN)

    Blank paper
    No friends except Greg
    Chat not posting
    No derby tasks showing

    This morning maintenance fixed the problems, but it appears it was a temporary fix.

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    My Daily Dirt is blank. Derby is ok.

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    Oct 2013
    I canít do a derby task. Says the are processing derby results. Also only Greg as friend. Yep itís messed up.

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    Seems we have crashed out ,,,again , can’t even load up now , UK
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    Not just Android

    Iím having the same issues on iOS
    Quote Originally Posted by Mrsp View Post
    Seems we have crashed out ,,,again , canít even load up now , UK

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    I see the paper, but can't see any derby tasks.
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    Chat and paper not working well for me again. Very intersting glitch.

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    Oct 2016
    My paper starts out blank but if I back out and re-enter it is there, BUT when I click on any ads it take me to my shop or says visiting not available.

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    For as hard as it is to get permits these days you would think they would have enough sense to not choose this day for fiddling around in the game. I got shorted a permit and I am not the only one. Fortunately I had pics but with support being what it is... ugh.
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    Today has generally been one big mess on HD....derby issues, permit issues, recurring boots from game, locked out for awhile, then all is well operationally in the derby/paper/NH thread, then next time I try to access derby tasks...,boom....deja bu. Processing results, thread blank, paper blank, and no derby task log, etc. Happened three times to me today.

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