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Thread: Request Board Abuse

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    We have those people, and it’s exactly 3 just like you mentioned! I even made a post about it on our group Facebook page with examples. Like, if you need blankets for your boat...throw up some helps, and we will fill them. Everyone likes to get XP. The birdhouse gives very little, but a boat crate gives a lot. We have a generous hood - people rarely have to run ads. We do have people who request jelly there, and I guess that’s a good way to do it, since I might be able to give up one jelly, but not a crate of 4. It gets annoying though - because it’s pretty much twice a day...every day. I think one of them uses diamonds to request constantly. (I think they could just hire Tom for less...but people are weird!) Anyway, I had to stop focusing on these draining people because it made me forget to focus on the other 22 awesome players who are filling their ridiculous requests! Lol. They are the same 3 who will take tasks in the derby they are in no way prepared for...”Anyone have mining tools?” I need 13 pickaxes. I enabled it for a while because I did have tons of mining tools. Or they’ll take a feeding task with NO animal food. I have stopped dragging them through tasks and let them fail a few times and opted them out of the next derby. They’re all close to level 100....they should know these things. I have come to realize there are “backwards players” - they don’t make anything ahead of time - they make it once they know they need it. That doesn’t work, and it hurts the people who are prepared. I’m very generous to people who also give to others, and I’ll give my last piece of “honey toast” to them! But the takers who have no machines running - I have to ignore them for my own sanity!

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    [/QUOTE]QUOTE=Kwpfarms;12360493]”Anyone have mining tools?” I need 13 pickaxes. I enabled it for a while because I did have tons of mining tools. Or they’ll take a feeding task with NO animal food. I have stopped dragging them through tasks and let them fail a few times and opted them out of the next derby.![/QUOTE]

    This happens in my NH with 2 - 3 people quite often and it drives me insane. They take a mine task right after having one they had to beg for tools to complete. Now why would you take a mine task when you have ZERO mine tools? Or they sit on a help task for days and then expect you to stop everything to set up helps or find helps for them to do on your farm. When you ask them how many they still need, the answer is always 30. Seriously? In 2 days you did not find a single help to do from the paper or your friends/followers or with neighbors boats. And it is these same few who are MIA for days then get on Sunday evening and expect you to furnish what they are missing to push out a truck task, give them mine tools to complete 2-3 mine tasks and set up several tasks worth of helps by watering/reviving. It ends up that I have to be on for 5-6 hours every Sunday evening to drag people through their tasks when I had completed all my tasks on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Needless to say, 2 of these 3 are my nonstop abusers of requests. They utilize the requests every day 2x a day (unless it is a day they are MIA) and their requests are always for: Blankets, pillows, honey apple cake, jams, jewelry, honey popcorn, jelly beans, chocolate bars, etc. These same people always ask for help on their 4 townies daily, 4 crates on every boat, 4 truck orders and that is in addition to the constant inquiries in the thread for additional items. I am L135 and the next highest in my NH is L82 but the majority are in the mid to high 50s so the additional requests are always directed to me. I am just about to the point of leaving my own NH because I do not have the time or desire to complete my tasks and theirs and to continue to “build” someone’s farm who is too lazy to do it themselves. I have enabled them far too long and have just recently begun saying no to the request for mine tools all the time. I do not take mine or help tasks in order to leave them for people more pressed for time but a couple of weeks before I started saying no to mine tool requests...these 3 frequent fliers were asking for upwards of 150-160 pick axes and shovels each week.

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    This is not an issue in our hood, if you need something, you request it. If you have any spare items, you donate them. Nobody is looking at who requested what and how often

    Also I have a player in my friendslist who always (really ALWAYS) has town, boat, truck requests and plants active on their farm. At first I found this strange, too, and tried to help with everything I had, just to come back to their farm and see new requests for everything the next time. I was irritated and stopped trying to fill every request but left them on my friendslist. Nowadays it is one of my favourite people on my friendslist. Every time I have a help derby task or there is a help event, I just have to visit them and get a huge part of my task done very easily. I now see this as a friendly service this player is offering to others rather than an obligation to fill everything (like I did at the beginnig).

    While the described player behaviour would be no problem for me, if it causes trouble for you or your neighbourhood you should talk to them about how their play style is perceifed in your hood and ask them why they do this (as I mentioned in my example, they might be thinking they are nice and helpful to others). Sometimes certain types of players and neighbourhoods are just not compatible and then it's probably better to follow different paths in the future.
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    Make your NH rules about these requests clear, and remove any players who appear to be unwilling or unable to follow them. Not over a single violation (even the best player may make an occasional mistake), over a pattern that shows unwillingness or inability.

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    I'd like to be able to fix stuff in the NH like...
    No NH requests (feature vanishes)
    Top point only tasks cannot select lower
    Non top point tasks need confirmation if not mandatory in case selected accidentally.

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