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Thread: Hay Day Friends

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    Hay Day Friends

    Hey there. So I went to my Hay Day game this morning and all my friends are gone and Iím no longer in my neighborhood(and no I didnít get kicked out) What happened?

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    Yes , same as Me. I gave no tasks for Derby. I have no Neighborhood. What gives?

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    Me too....when I search for my hood I’m shown in it? But I can’t access it
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    Itís a glitch. Within writing this message I went back in and now I can chat with my neighborhood but I still have no friends. Then I left to text a friend about the game and came back in and got a message that Hay Day will undergo some maintenance soon. I think theyíre on it and aware of whatís happening. Kinda reminds me of ďAvengers End GameĒ and half the players have no friends. Haha

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