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Thread: Wisteria_Springs: experienced player starting a new casual, super helpful NH

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    Wisteria_Springs: experienced player starting a new casual, super helpful NH

    Iím at level 83 with over $1 million in the bank. I just came back to Hay Day after a year hiatus and my great neighborhood (that I was with for over 2 years) was floundering. No chatting; no sharing; no trading. Some of my fellow founding members had left.

    I hired Tom for 5 days to clean up my farm and when I didnít need him anymore, there was no one around to take the items off of my hands! I couldnít even give stuff away. Whatís a girl to do?!

    So I moved out and started my own neighborhood. I invited my old buddies but many had already found new neighborhoods, and now Iím all alone.

    So now I need some farmers to join me in starting another amazing neighborhood.

    I have lots of tips and great ideas for building up your money (I made mine by planting fruit trees and harvesting during the farm visitor event). I even help other farmers build up their cash using a method I came up with. I especially like to help newer players because it can take a while for them to learn the tricks of the game.

    My neighborhood is super casual. Derby participation is welcome but there wonít be any pressure. I encourage trading and sharing between farmers. I just ask that if youíre willing to take, be willing to give.

    No profanity, please, and be respectful to other farmers.

    Thatís it! Doesnít sound like much, but it can be a great place to hang out and pass the time.

    Stop by and check out my farm. Iím fully loaded and ready for business. I try to have at least 5 of every machine product and my barn is full. (Anyone need axes or saws?)

    See you there!

    Olivia (Diamond Acres)
    Neighborhood name: Wisteria_Springs
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    Sent you a pm

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    Tom is about to make his last run on a 5-day job. Heís tired and my barn is so full, I canít find anything!!!

    Trees and bushes are all cleaned up. (Thanks, Tom. I know saws and axes can be heavy.) Now I need neighbors to trade with and share my bounty.

    Feel free to come by and look around. You donít have to stay, but I think youíll want to.

    Farm name: Wisteria_Springs

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    Hi, Farmers! Weíre still looking for members who enjoy a casual, friendly, helpful neighborhood. Newbies welcome!

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    Weíre at 6 members now- newbies and veterans.

    We only had 3 folks playing in the derby this week and are currently in 1st place with 5 horseshoes. They put us with some smaller groups and there were also groups with 30 members who obviously didnít care for the derby. It was smooth and fun, no pressure.

    Welcome to anyone who wants to grow a great neighborhood with casual derby play and lots of trading and helping!!

    Neighborhood name: Wisteria_Springs

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    I would like to join your neighborhood

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    Hi Lankybar, glad to have you. Do you know where to find us?

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    Weíre up to 8 members now, from such places as Europe, Indonesia, the U.S. (New York, Mississippi).

    No pressure for derbies. Although, I must say, weíre killiní it. I guess itís the fact that they put us competing against groups that donít have much derby participation. It looks like weíll be in 1st place again this week with all horseshoes. And itís been very casual. Everyone seems to have their favorite derby tasks.

    The veteran players are helping the newbies level up and expand. Itís just a fun place to be.

    Stop by and take a look!

    Neighborhood name: Wisteria_Springs

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    Weíre up to 17 farmers now, but still needing active players. English-speakers, please. We will have to accept your request to join because we need to make sure thereís no language barrier with new members.

    See you there!
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