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Thread: Clan Leader rotation -- 5 months and still waiting

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    Angry Clan Leader rotation -- 5 months and still waiting

    The 2 April update included a long-awaited feature: a leader inactive for 60 days would have another 30 days to log on, otherwise the leadership would rotate to the senior co-leader.

    Our Leader has been inactive for 4+ years, so we thought, great, a new leader by 2 May.

    Nope. It's been 5 months since the 2 April update, and no leadership change. Our Leader now has been gone nearly 5 years, yet no rotation.

    We know from past comments that there are or were CoC insiders who firmly opposed the idea of demoting an inactive leader. Was this Quality of Life change crammed down on them? And are they dragging their feet in implementing -- or more accurately, in refusing to implement -- the leader rotation?

    CoC has posted several emails in our clan, promising leader rotation by a certain date. The rotation didn't occur as promised in the first email. Now we have received two more emails, again promising leader rotation, supposedly in a few days. We will see.

    Being saddled with an inactive leader all these years has required some workarounds which have led to some bad feelings in the clan, and CoC's promise of leader rotation -- only to delay and delay some more it's implementation -- has struck a raw nerve. Why hasn't CoC done what it promised?

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    1. Are there any co-leaders?
    2. Are there any elders?
    3. Why did you all stay in a clan where the leader was inactive?


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    Have a look at this thread..

    Or this one..

    Or this one..

    I have posted these links to show that leadership is, indeed, being transferred, once the 90 day period elapses.
    It would appear the change of leadership is automated.. There is no need to make contact with SC to either make them aware, or to stake a claim.. It should happen, and will be given to the longest serving co, or elder if no co leaders active in the last 60 days.

    Were the promises of change sent to your clan part of the automatic transfer, or were they replies to enquiries made to support?
    If the leader has indeed been inactive for 90 days, then leadership should have been changed.. But all it takes for the 90 day period to reset is for the leader to log onto his base, even if only briefly.
    There will of course need to be someone with either co leader or elder status for the change to be possible.. Leadership will not be given to anyone that only has member status.
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    why on God's green earth did you stay in a clan for five years with an inactive leader?

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    It sounds like your "inactive" Leader is actually active. They're logging in but are NOT collecting from their pumps/mines/drills. Try looking at their village (ignoring their collectors) over the next few days to see if a trap/defense that was previously tripped/empty has been reloaded at all.

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    I have to agree with thegreatpuma

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    The bigger issue here, is who in their right mine would would stay in such a clan.
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    I have seen this function work as well in a clan. You get notified by clan mail about the upcoming change in leader.

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