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Thread: Gear Up Ideas for Hidden Tesla

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    Gear Up Ideas for Hidden Tesla

    I have brought another problem for you. Maybe it causes you headaches. Sorry for that...

    Gear Up Ideas for Hidden Tesla

    After gearing up a hidden Tesla, he will turn into a column (pole). The hidden Tesla will be connected by a lightning wave for five hidden Teslas. Air Troops will not harm this defense and Tesla will not harm those Air Troops as well (When normal, it attacks). But the only electric power between them is a flashing line which will be able to connect to each other and all the air forces there will be harmed when they come in contact with these flashing lines.

    DPS - 240
    Hp - No!
    Type of damage - Multiple targets
    Target air
    Preferred Goal - Any

    Note- which is gear-up Hidden Tesla will pop up before the attack and supply power to others.
    4 Tesla will not count in a defense or buildings. After gearing up which Tesla, it will count in a defense.
    Once the "gear up" Tesla is destroyed, its effect is gone
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