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Thread: Lava witch

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    Lava witch

    This is a new troop it will spawn lava pups (in smaller quantities than bats or skellys) it has an attack like a witch but has a burning effect like that of the builder base lava launcher the damage of the initial attack will do less damage than the normal witch but itís burning effect makes up for that. Please give honest feedback this is a troop a came up with in about 5 minutes while I was in the shower(seriously)

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    I feel that Lava Pups should only spawn from the Lava Hound. As for the Witch like troop, it being weaker but the attack gets stronger as it attacks probably won't be ideal for an end game troop as it will be pre-occupied on the same target longer compared to the actual Witch and when it switches to another target the bonus damage restarts.

    If anything, an elemental Witch sounds more like a temporary troop like the Ice Wizard.

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