If you are looking for a competitive and yet fun and supportive clan, then look no further. You have found your permanent home!

We have a long time solid core of reliable clashers whoíve been with the clan for years. We are always looking for new blood who want to have fun with us. And no winning isnít everything, but letís face it, winning is fun!

Navy seas is a level 15 English speaking international clan thatís in Masterís I for CWL and are keen to move up.

You like to war? Great! We war three times a week. We only ask that you use both hits. (And if you are upgrading a hero then please go red.)

You donít want to war? Also great! Go red and farm till your coffers are full.

Clan games your thing? We ALWAYS max out in clan games, so come on over if you want those juicy rewards.

What do we ask of you? Have fun. Be respectful. Use both war hits if you are green. Go red if you can't war or have heroes down. Donate whatís requested (but we donít have a ratio requirement).

What are we looking for? We arenít interested in rushed bases. We ainít no group of engineers! We ask that have have solid heroes:
TH9 15/15,
TH10 30/30,
TH11 40/40/10,
TH12 50/50/20.
We are looking for reliable and active players who want to have fun, and help us improve. If you are TH8 or better weíd love to have you. But if Iím really being honest if you are a TH12 weíd REALLY love to have you, because we are two short of a full TH12 roster in CWL and we are real close to promotion. But we are more keen in respectful folks that are looking to have fun.

We are always interested in improving at clash, and regularly offer friendly challenges and experiment with different attacks. We give constructive feedback. But you wonít get any heat if you mess up an attack. You try and fail, weíre just happy you tried.

If you apply, tell us you saw this recruiting thread on the forums.

Name: Navy Seas.