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Thread: Attack Reminder Discord Bot

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    Attack Reminder Discord Bot

    I have never made a discord bot, but I am determined to figure this out. This must be a thing.

    Clash Champs can now text you if you have attacks left in war with a custom number of hours left. Link , if you hadn't heard this already.

    Announcer bot can announce when war starts and ends. Several bots can link your discord to your clash account or accounts.

    So why isn't there a bot that mentions members when they have attacks left? I want to be able to set up a bot that auto mentions users if there is x number of hours left and they still have attacks to use. Clash Champs and other bots i know get this information from the API somehow, but I don't know how.

    Can anyone help me find the information to make this a reality? Then I will be stoked to share it with you all.

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    Try Minion Bot. It will warn users who have hits one hour before the start of war, and one hour before the end of war.

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