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Thread: Barcher to 3500 - Special thanks to the four horsemen!

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    Thumbs Up Barcher to 3500 - Special thanks to the four horsemen!

    I'd like to give a special thanks to my friends: S, B, n H (the four horsemen), and to the whole clan Wrath of God as well, for their strong support and encourage me to made it to 3500+ cups with barcher on the last day of 2013. This year was a fun journey on Clash of Clan with you guys .

    Have the best wish to all of you and your family, thank you and happy new year .

    * Shout out to Immortal Empire where I learn from masters of using barbarian archers. U guys should see them in top 50 clans as always. The Empire is expanding.

    * I'll not discuss the tactics here. There are videos in our recruitment thread though .

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    Well done Black dragon , quite an achievement
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    damm, thats really impressive, congratz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorzain View Post
    Amazing job, it's a brilliant achievement and I'm not sure all of the forumers will understand what kind of skills, patience and dedication this represents.
    I do, congrats mate, I love intelligent play more than anything.
    Exactly, this thread is screaming out for some high level Barch videos to actually show off the skill involved.

    Great work, congrats!

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    Incredible job, bro.
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    AWESOME achievement - that's amazing, especially with no golems used
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    wow amazing job!! cant wait to see some vids.

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    Grats buddy. Good work.

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    Great job
    Awesome achievement

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    Very Nice

    I made it to masters with barchers but was extremely hard , what about champions Extremely high skill

    Ps: May u do a guide for it?

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